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Scoring matrix is the name given to an evaluation tool used in a procurement process to objectively evaluate the bids submitted and determine the most economical bidder. The scoring matrix is used to weight the various criteria and assign a score or ranking to bidders based on their bids.


The scoring matrix specifies the criteria against which the submitted bids will be evaluated. These criteria may include various aspects such as:


  1. Price: the price or cost of the bid can be an evaluation criterion. Here, preference may be given to either the lowest price or the most economical offer that provides value for money.


  1. Quality: The quality of the services or products offered can be evaluated. This can be done on the basis of specific quality characteristics or standards defined by the contracting authority.


  1. sustainability: If sustainability aspects play a role, the scoring matrix can also include criteria such as environmental friendliness, energy efficiency or social responsibility.


  1. experience and references: The bidder's experience and references in similar projects may also be considered in the scoring matrix.


  1. technical solutions or innovations: If the contracting authority is looking for specific technical solutions or innovations, these can be specified as evaluation criteria in the scoring matrix.


The scoring matrix assigns a weighting to each evaluation criterion to determine their relative importance compared to each other. Weighting can be done by scores, percentages, or other measures. Bidders are evaluated against the criteria, and their overall score or ranking is used to determine the most economical bidder or the most responsive bid.


The scoring matrix is used to make the procurement process objective, transparent and understandable. It ensures a fair evaluation of the submitted bids and enables the contracting authority to select the best bid based on the established criteria. The scoring matrix should be clearly defined in advance of the award procedure and communicated to the bidders to ensure transparency and equal treatment.

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