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In German public procurement law, the term "contract notice" refers to the publication of an invitation to tender to inform potential bidders of the availability of a public contract. The contract notice is an essential step in the procurement process, as it marks the beginning of the competition and the invitation to submit a bid.


The contract notice serves several purposes:


  1. transparency: publishing a contract notice ensures that the procurement process is transparent to all potential bidders. It enables them to become aware of the contract to be awarded and to have the opportunity to participate.


  1. competition: the contract notice promotes competition by encouraging potential bidders to submit their bids. The publication of the procurement notice reaches a wider range of companies, increasing the chances of receiving a variety of bids and economically favourable terms.


  1. equal treatment: the contract notice ensures that all potential bidders are treated equally, as they all receive the same information about the contract to be awarded. This ensures non-discriminatory and fair participation in the procurement process.


  1. the contract notice is usually published in a central electronic gazette (e.g. the Electronic Official Journal of the EU) or in other specific media provided for the type of contract in question and the estimated value of the contract. The publication contains information such as the contracting authority, a description of the contract, the type of procedure, the requirements for bidders and the time for submission of bids.


It is important to note that the exact requirements and procedures for the contract notice in German procurement law depend on various factors, such as the estimated value of the contract and the specific procurement regulations. Therefore, the relevant legislation and guidelines should be consulted for each specific procurement situation.

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