Thresholds and awarding of lots

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If a contract is to be awarded in several lots, there are particularities for the estimation of the contract value and thus for the question whether the EU threshold value has been reached. Above the EU thresholds, this is primarily assessed in accordance with Section 3 VgV.

If a construction contract or a service is awarded in several lots, the estimated total value of all lots is to be taken as a basis. In the case of planning services and supply contracts, this only applies to lots for similar services. In these cases, the estimated contract value is therefore calculated from the value of all lots for a similar service. If the estimated total value reaches or exceeds the relevant threshold, the law of the upper threshold applies to the award of each individual lot.

However, the contracting authority may - if the estimated net value of the relevant lot is less than EUR 80,000 in case of supplies and services or less than EUR 1 million in case of construction work and the sum of the net values of these lots does not exceed 20 percent of the total value of all lots - partially waive the application of the rules of the upper threshold range, Section 3 (9) VgV.

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