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E-procurement is the electronic handling of award procedures and the use of digital technologies to support the entire award process. E-procurement aims to make the awarding process more efficient, more transparent and more accessible to all participants.


E-procurement includes various electronic procedures and tools that can be used in the procurement process, including:


Tenders are published online via dedicated electronic platforms or portals. Bidders can download bidding documents electronically, ask questions, and submit their bids electronically.

Electronic communication

Communication between the contracting authority and bidders takes place electronically via platforms or e-mail. This allows questions, clarifications and other information to be exchanged quickly and efficiently.

Electronic bid opening

Bids are opened and processed electronically. This enables automated evaluation of the submitted bids and facilitates comparison and evaluation of the bids.

Electronic submission

The bids are submitted electronically and transmitted in encrypted form. This ensures the confidentiality of the bids and enables a smooth and secure transmission of the information.

Electronic contract execution

Contract signing and execution can be done electronically. This includes electronic signature, exchange of contract documents and electronic processing of payments.


E-procurement offers several benefits, including:

Increased efficiency

The use of electronic procedures speeds up the procurement process, reduces the administrative burden and enables automated processing of data.


Electronic publication of tenders and information ensures greater transparency of the procurement process and allows wider access to tender documents.

Cost savings

E-tendering reduces the costs of printing and mailing documents, as well as the physical storage and archiving of documents.


E-tendering enables a larger number of potential bidders to participate in the tendering process, as information is available online and bids can be submitted electronically.


In Germany, e-tendering is regulated by the Electronic Public Procurement Act (E-Vergabe-Gesetz). It sets out the requirements and standards for conducting award procedures electronically and promotes the use of digital technologies in public procurement.

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